What is the agX Platform?

agX® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the agricultural industry that provides the necessary geospatial infrastructure for a community of integrated precision ag products and services.

Users with agX® accounts are able to access agX compliant applications and services within the agX Store, then seamlessly share data with other agX Connections.

Standardized. Seamless. Secure.

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Who Benefits?

From planning to harvest, all parties involved in the farming process benefit from using agX compliant applications.

Collect timely information from multiple sources so as to make better management decisions.

Use the tools of your choice to deliver quality services in a timely manner while maintaining your brand.

Build upon a mature platform, then make your application accessible to thousands of users within the agX Store.

Standardize collected data so as to seamlessly integrate with downstream applications.


The Independent Alternative

SST Software was founded in 1994, the same year the Global Positioning System (GPS) became fully operational with the launch of its 24th satellite. Since the birth of "precision ag," SST has been a leading innovator in the industry. In 1999, SST began to define and implement geospatial standards in order to meet the aginformatic demands of its growing clientele. Today, SST's system manages approximately 100 million acres worldwide.

Having positioned itself as the expert of data structure and management for the agricultural industry, SST is now offering its spatial ecosystem, standardized datasets, and geospatial processing abilities to the precision ag industry via the agX® Platform. As a privately owned company, SST believes that remaining the independent alternative will be a driving factor in success.

Facts & Figures

Standardizing content and defining the data schemas which made the agX Platform possible started back in 1999.

On average, a million new acres of field boundaries have been added to the agX servers per month since 2006.

During peak season, SST's automated task processing engine produces over a million acres of new geospatial data layers a day.

Currently, there are approximately 3000 daily application syncs with the agX servers.

SST Software has customers in 23 countries and serves the industry's top retail outlets and crop scouting agencies.

Many of SST's employees have been with the company for over a decade, contributing valuable experience & domain knowledge.

The Need for agX

The transfer of data from system to system has long been a pain point for precision farming. Import/Export formats frequently change, and there is little adherence to spatial or content standards.

agX® ensures that all data is both standardized and in sync with compliant users and applications. This creates a platform for innovative products and services that are made accessible via the agX Store, while providing safe storage and security of data to protect against third-party abuse.