Users with agX® Accounts can easily manage, share, and protect farm data. By establishing agX Connections, growers and their trusted ag service providers enjoy a seamless, data exchange experience across multiple software applications.    

agX Connections

A deep complexity across a multitude of sciences and economics are at play when bringing a healthy crop to fruition while still making a profit. Expertise is needed for soil health, seed selection, plant physiology, and crop protection, to name a few. Then, fluctuations in weather and commodity prices may affect management decisions. agX Connections allow users to establish relationships with select service providers in order to share the data needed to help them advise in their area of expertise. 

agX Data Governance

The basic rules of agX data governance are as follows:

  1. The person who collects and uploads the data is by default the administrator of the data.
  2. Settings may be established so that administration rights are automatically transferred to another upon collection of specific data.
  3. Administrators may transfer their administration rights to another agX Connection (account holder).
  4. Administrators may share data with specific agX Connections.
  5. Administrators may set permission settings to Edit or Read Only. Permission settings can be set by user, operation, or recommendation.

Once a user has created an agX Account and established agX Connections, agX Sync is used to synchronize data between users based on permission settings. This ensures that all users are working off of the most recent set of data.

agX Single Sign On

A seamless access experience across agX applications.

Soon, a Single Sign On (SSO) will allow users to access any of their agX compliant applications with a single set of login credentials. Users will be able to access software applications or services found within the agX Store with a single agX login, thus enjoying a seamless experience while working with various applications.

Standardized Hierarchy

Every agX compliant software and hardware application adheres to a hierarchy of GROWER-FARM-FIELD. This ensures that all data being collected and analyzed is associated with the same field boundary and thus alleviates the duplication of data.

Grower: Patrick Sanders
Farm: Sanders Farms
Field: Huffman 180
Layer: NDVI: 5/21/2014