Teamwork Requires Communication

Growers, agronomists, service providers, seed salesmen, GIS specialists, insurance agents—multiple parties and technologies are involved during the crop production cycle. Standardization, synchronization, and automation enable communication of need-to-know information between parties that have a working relationship concerning a particular field. The following principles guide the development of agX®.


In order for multiple applications to collect and share data on a consistent basis, all data must be collected in a standardized format. This standardization includes reference data as well as spatial records, such as field boundaries.

Synchronization with a central data repository ensures that all data collected is in adherence to agX standards and is available for sharing among agX compliant applications in a seamless manner.

Once standardization and synchronization are in place, repetitive human interaction for processing data may be replaced with automated processing of pre-defined tasks.

Seamless communication is necessary between all users who have an interest on a particular field. This communication is safe-guarded by data-specific permission settings.

The Advantage of Spatial Infrastructure
Where there is solid infrastructure, there is progress.

By producing a framework for spatial infrastructure, agX® creates the opportunity for quick and easy integration among all users and devices. This means that agX compliant products or services acquired via the agX Store can be seamlessly implemented into the workflow of thousands of farmers and ag service providers who are already using precision farming practices on millions of acres.

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The Necessity of Standardization

Precision farming requires standards for both reference and spatial data. 

As industries evolve, there is a point where standards must be adopted or business will be hampered. agX® standardization for precision farming addresses reference data and spatial standards. Guidelines enforcing standardization are what ultimately allow multiple applications to collect and share data on a consistent basis, ensure that quality data is collected, protect against multiple datasets on the same geography, and make aggregate analysis possible. Furthermore, data standardization creates an ecosystem of diverse yet compatible products for the agricultural community, as seen in the agX Store. 

The agX APIs provide the means to standardization, which allows applications and services to be accessible within the agX Store. 


Security & Accessibility

Data is safeguarded with layer-based permission settings.

User-based permission settings govern agX data. The administrators of data layers can specify what users or algorithms may access, view, edit, or share layers of data. This means growers or service providers can allow organizations to access parts of their data for product calculations without leaving their data open to unauthorized use.

Data Safety

We are serious about data safety and security.

The agX servers are maintained in a highly fortified, state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade facility.

  • 24x7x365 onsite personnel
  • SSAE 16 audited
  • BioMetrics based accessibility
  • Proximity sensors/logging – all entrances
  • Monitored building security
  • External/Internal Cameras – 24x7 digital recording
  • Dual Grid Power—parallel switching gear
  • 2.6 megawatts N+1 APC
  • Three one megawatt Cummins 10,000 gal. diesel generators
  • Multi-homed IP – Gig-E connections
  • BGP4 routing
  • VSS – Internal
  • Dual – Path to equipment
  • PrivateVLAN 

The agX Store

Pick best of breed products for your agronomic needs while maintaining compatibility, security, and seamlessness. 

The deep complexity and diversity within the agricultural market creates many areas of expertise. This has manifested itself within the precision ag industry with many companies providing niche pieces of the overall production ag system. However, compatibility issues often hamper the adoption of many precision ag offerings. The agX Store is a portal for farmers and ag service providers to discover and adopt best of breed products while maintaining compatibility across other agX compliant applications. 

The agX Store is currently being beta tested in select applications.