The agX Store

The agX® Store is an online portal to discover and access many of the applications and services that are agX compliant. The agX Store offers organizations the benefit of wide spread exposure to thousands of farmers and ag service providers who are already practicing precision ag. The agX Store is a conduit through which a precision ag offering has the potential to be rapidly adopted by users of many different software solutions. 

The agX Store is currently being beta tested in select applications.


Next Generation Products

The next wave of precision ag will be the ability for organizations, both small and large, to build customized applications that meet their specific agronomic needs and to seamlessly integrate those applications with others. The following are a few examples of how companies are using the agX Platform.

Development Groups

Precision ag computer programmers who understand agriculture and agX standards may offer development services to organizations who need to develop agX complaint applications. Being agX compliant allows them to concentrate on building powerful and attractive applications without spending resources on import/export formats or a robust GIS engine.



Company A concentrates on water conservation, using algorithms to correlate near infrared imagery with plant water uptake and leaching. By storing their equations in the agX FarmRite IP logic vault, growers and service providers may order an analysis on their fields if the necessary data layers are present.

Meanwhile, Company B specializes in the nitrogen uptake of corn and creates in-season N recommendations for various growth stages. They discover that Company A’s equations enhance their N analysis. By providing the option to integrate the geo-spatial layers for leaching and uptake created by Company A into their N analysis, growers or service providers may create even more advanced N recs for their crops.



A leading agronomy organization creates a library of scouting reports that attracts the attention of other scouting services. They integrate their report templates into the agX store, thus allowing other crop scouting companies to purchase and utilize their scouting report templates.


An agX compliant outfit offers regional soil sampling and imagery services. When other agX compliant companies, such as retail or scouting operations, need specific data types to complete their analysis, a client may order and schedule services via local providers within the agX Store.


A grower experiences crop damage from high winds. Once the insurance agent verifies that intense weather indeed intersected with the farm, he orders a multispectral aerial image of the damaged fields to help assess the extent of damage. Once acquired, the field, imagery, and any necessary data are synced to the insurance adjuster’s agX compliant app.

The adjuster verifies that the imagery correctly shows approximately 40% of the crop has been severely damaged. The report is then seamlessly uploaded to the agency’s system for processing a payment.


agX compliant hardware controllers can seamlessly sync new layers of farm operations to the agX servers. If an application is waiting for specific layers of data, such as yield or as-applied, in order to complete a pre-defined agronomic task, the creation of information products can begin once the hardware controller has synced the data back to the agX servers. Within minutes, growers and other service providers that have been granted permission start receiving advanced analysis reports within their agX compliant apps.

Quality & Sustainability Initiatives

As name brand food companies and large retail chains build a supply chain across numerous farms, they need adherence to strict quality standards for productivity while ensuring environmental sustainability initiatives. By using agX compliant products, productivity and efficiency plans can be more easily managed across a diverse farm supply chain.